January 17, 2009

New Horse series from Random House

This blog is brand new, and dedicated to my adventures in illustrating Horse Diaries, a new Middle-grade series published by Random House, launching in March of 2009. This is my very first blog, so it will be a learning process for me!

Above is the cover of the very first book in the series. Elska is an Icelandic horse and she tells the story in her own words. This is set in the year 1000AD, the time of the Viking settlement in Iceland. I plan to post my process creating the illustrations for this book, and for the other books in the series. 

Till next time,
Ruth Sanderson


  1. How exciting! When will this book be on sale?

  2. The first 2 books will be available in March 09. I am so excited to be illustrating this series and want to try to spread the word about it. It seems these days you have to have a TV show or movie to get noticed!

    Thanks for writing.


  3. Hi Ruth, congrats on your project! I think you will have some fun!

    The image on the back cover of the book above, is a "show" image, where the horse is forced into a frame to gait. It's not so great for the horse; they generally fight the bit. Rarely will anyone ever see an Icelandic Horse moving like that at liberty.

    If you need any pictures or videos of normal, non-show Icelandic Horses moving, let me know; I have plenty. You can check my youtube page also; or email me at iceryder @ gmail.com



  4. Judy,

    Thanks - Sadly it is too late to change anything as the book is at press. The horses are described in the book as tolting from birth. I did not realize the head would be different, but I do understand what you are saying. Similar to an American Saddlebred doing a rack around the pasture - not likely. They did ask for this on the back cover. I could not find any photos of them tolting at liberty, I just assumed they sometimes did it on their own, as described in the story.

    I appreciate your comments.