February 14, 2011

YATIMAH is here

Yatimah is about an Arabian mare, and the story takes place in the Bedouin desert, so I had to do lots of research for costumes and backgrounds.

I bought an outfit online for my model, who is the daughter of a friend and an Arabian horse fan.

I found a newborn Arabian foal at a breeding farm in Massachusetts.

A friend of my daughter agreed to pose as one of the Bedouins. I had to take his picture separate from the foal due to logistics and availabilty of the parties - and he was not a horse person and might not have wanted to attempt to hold a new born foal!

My farrier had a friend with this Arabian costume. Cool!

Here is the same foal at around three months old - the horse in the story ages and I needed to show the changes in my drawings as she got older.

Here are a few desert photos I found on the internet.

This is the cover sketch for the book.

Here are a few finishes. The photos for these are above.

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  1. Hi Ruth!
    I recently bought two more Horse Diaries - Maestro Petra and Elska, at Chapters. I also have Bell's Star, Koda, and Yatimah. I read them over and over again. I wish I owned Golden Sun, but I'm working on it. I really like how you put all these cool illustrations on your blog and website. Happy drawing!