December 12, 2014

HORSE RESCUE series by Whitney Sanderson

If you like the Horse Diaries books, and are looking for more horse stories written from the horse's point of view...My daughter, Whitney Sanderson, author of two books in the HORSE DIARIES series, Golden Sun, and Darcy, has started writing a new series inspired by true stories at horse rescue farms. Whitney volunteered a few years ago at Little Brook Farm in Old Chatham, NY, and was inspired to write the story of Treasure. It starts out with an auction, and things sound pretty bad at first, but it all comes out happily in the end. Black Beauty, move over, this is one poignant story. Whitney is generously donating half her proceeds to the farm.

A terrific Blog about Middle Grade books, FROM THE MIXED UP FILES, just posted an interview with Whitney about all her horse stories: Read it HERE

TREASURE can be ordered on Amazon, HERE.

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